EnerBurn - Your Solution to Diesel Particulate Filter Problems

enburn-logoFor the owner-operator who drives 120,000 miles per year the cost of 1-year’s supply of EnerBurn® will be less than $180 per month (based on an average MPG of 6.0). The cost of 1-year’s supply of EnerBurn® is far less than the cost to replace the DPF filter ($4500), the EGR valve ($3000), or the Variable Geometry Turbocharger ($4500) not including lost income and costly towing and hotel expenses. Annual repair bills can easily exceed $15,000. Do the math, and then do your own evaluation of EnerBurn.

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EnerBurn is EPA and California ARB registered. EnerBurn is endorsed by DPF manufacturer Mann-Hummel.

Use of EnerBurn will not void manufacturer’s warranty.

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EnerBurn is available in larger quantities, see Brochure for details.