A Cleaner DPF Filter and the Effects On Your ROI

A Cleaner DPF Filter and the Effects On Your ROI

Caterpillar Engine Owner’s Experience with Enerburn and the Almighty ROI

Real-World results and savings are important to us at JKG Fuel Solutions, as we know better fuel economy and a long lasting DPF Filter directly affect revenue for truckers. One of our satisfied customers recently shared his experience with Enerburn and these are his results from July 1, 2016 through October 13, 2016 (3.5 months):

Engine details:
• 2009 Caterpillar C15, Recently rebuilt motor with new ARD head & DPF as of January 2016
• June 2016, odometer reading: ~968K miles
• Oil change interval is every 15K miles
• Engine Does not burn oil

“I started using EB in July and so far have spent only $640 on two gallons and two 16-oz bottles.  Here’s what I estimate that your product has saved me: $9,543.
Also, because of better fuel economy, I estimate that my earnings for the last three months are $13,000 higher on a comparable fuel cost.”

Enerburn is designed to enhance diesel combustion efficiency, improve DPF regen performance, lower use of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and reduce consumption of diesel fuel, all attributing to these money-saving results. We are seeing people driving further for less cost while using Enerburn.

“Had I spent $14,493 (actual cost) on fuel at 6.3 mpg, estimated mileage range would have been only 25,236 not the 38,237 actually achieved… Because of EB, I drove 13,000 miles further on a lesser cost per mile.”

By also acting as a DPF Soot Filter cleaner, Enerburn keeps the filter from clogging, which can provide a long-term savings to the truck owner.

“ Best of all, on a recent shop visit for a check engine light, diagnostics proved the only issue was ash accumulation in the DPF system. Cost to remove only $246. Last time I had similar symptoms, the DPF filter had to be replaced because of soot accumulation and irreparable damage at a cost of $4,500. Savings: $4,254.”

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