EnerBurn® Dos and Don’ts

EnerBurn® Dos and Don’ts

Do check your fuel filters within the first two to four weeks of treatment to see if they need to be changed. EnerBurn® cleans the fuel lines and tank of accumulated sludge, slime, and varnish.

Do follow the engine OEM’s recommendations for periodic maintenance of your DPF to remove accumulated ash. Ash does not burn away like soot. Our goal is to keep you from having to clean the DPF before the 200,000 to 300,000 mile recommended interval for ash clean out.

Do use an initial dose of one (1) ounce of EnerBurn for every 20 gallons of diesel (treat ratio of 1:2500) for the first two to four weeks or until your engine begins to perform better and/or you experience less frequent regen operations.

Do reduce the dose for long-term use of EnerBurn. We recommend a 20 percent lower dose of one (1) ounce of EnerBurn for every 24-25 gallons for maintaining benefits (treat ratio of 1:3000).

Do NOT exceed the recommended dose.

Do NOT become alarmed if your DPF/DEF system reacts to the initial use of EnerBurn with a check engine light. This may be caused by exhaust sensors reacting to the extra smoke produced by burning out existing carbon deposits. During the initial clean-out and conditioning phase with use of EnerBurn, it is possible for things to appear to get worse before they get better. This is especially true for older diesel engine equipment with high miles or for engines that run short haul or have low-duty cycles. If the check engine light comes on it may be possible to drive through it over a long distance and the situation will resolve on its own. Or it may be necessary to get the engine serviced with a forced regen and ECM reset.

Do seek the assistance of a qualified diesel-engine mechanic if your DPF system is not working the way it should. This indicates the likelihood of a problem in the system that needs to be properly diagnosed and corrected.

Do NOT become alarmed if you remove the DOC/DPF and see that it has an orange-red tint. This likely is caused by the catalytic ingredient in EnerBurn and indicates that you are over-treating. Reduce the dose to one (1) ounce of EnerBurn for every 24-25 gallons of diesel (treat ratio of 1:3000).

Do NOT become alarmed if your oil analysis begins to show an increase in iron (Fe). This is NOT the result of increased metal wear, rather it indicates you are over-treating and need to reduce the dose to one (1) ounce of EnerBurn for every 24-25 gallons of diesel (treat ratio of 1:3000). It might also indicate that your piston rings are not sealing properly and need to be replaced.

Do call JKG Fuel Solutions at (612) 209-3079 or email jgates@betterdiesel.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding your use of EnerBurn.

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