Decreased Fuel Consumption

Decreased Fuel Consumption

EnerBurn’s proven technology reduces diesel fuel consumption by 6-12%

In the competitive business of hydraulic fracturing, one company turned to EnerBurn to improve
profitability in the face of ever increasing diesel costs. Diesel fuel consumption was measured before
and after implementation of EnerBurn; the reduction in fuel consumption was 9% (+/- 1%) on average across three different steady state engine loads. The company hired an independent engineering consulting firm to conduct the tests, thus ensuring accurate and unbiased test results.


Results were measured on a 2010 new Caterpillar 3512, 2250 hp, Tier 2 engine.


Statistically significant reductions in fuel consumption were measured across all engine loads, 25%, 50%, and 75% load. The chart below shows a summary of Baseline versus new Benchmark fuel consumption using diesel treated with EnerBurn.*Used with permission from manufacturer.

Fuel consumption measured in gallons per hour (GPH)

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