Marine Diesel Engines

Marine Diesel Engines

Large tugboat company realizes >300% ROI

Setting out to find a solution to increase power and torque, one tugboat company turned
to EnerBurn. Proving “actual” results was critical, so they chose to hire an engineering consulting
firm to run an unbiased test. What they achieved with EnerBurn far-surpassed their expectations.


Results were measured in a triple screw motor vessel operating on the lower Mississippi River. All test measurements were performed by a 3rd party engineering company. Test equipment was calibrated according to manufacturer’s instructions and traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) prior to the test. EMD (General Motors) 2-cycle, 2,280 hp per engine three (3) engines. Maximum Load at Dead Rack (900 rpm). 13 month test period.


Statistically significant improvements were realized across all 5 measured parameters. The chart below shows a summary of Baseline versus new Benchmark fuel consumption, exhaust and torque measurements using diesel treated with EnerBurn.*Used with permission from manufacturer.

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