Rail Locomotive Fleet

Rail Locomotive Fleet

Port Terminal Rail Authority Test Results: 11.5% +/- 2%
(97% Confidence Level)
Stationary Load Box Test Results: 9.5% +/- 1%
(99% Confidence Level)

Locomotive engines consume enormous quantities of diesel thus adding to the carbon footprint of the products they transport. EnerBurn lowers the carbon footprint in a cost-effective way; a “win-win solution” for transportation companies and their clients.

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Results were measured on a fleet of twelve (12) in-service rail locomotive engines and compared to twelve (12) untreated in-service locomotives over a period of 1 year. All were model MK 1500 locomotive equipped with Caterpillar 3512 (1400hp) engines.

EnerBurn passed tests performed by the Engine System Development Center (ESDC) for “fit for use” in locomotive engines.
The ESDC is a division of Canadian Allied Rail (CAD).


Fuel consumption was measured as a Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) in units of Ib/hp-hr. BSFC measurement error was +/- 1%. “Notch 4” corresponds to 40% powered, 60% idle. The improvement in fuel consumption was linear across the entire range of load settings (R = 0.962). *Used with permission from manufacturer.

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