Reduced Emissions

Reduced Emissions

EnerBurn eliminates equipment downtime and costly maintenance
due to diesel particulate filter clogging

Losing money on equipment downtime and maintenance in the competitive business of hydraulic fracturing, one company turned to EnerBurn when neither the manufacturer, nor the shop maintenance team could solve the problem. All BEFORE and AFTER emissions tests were performed according to EPA certified methods by a 3rd party engineering company. After initial implementation and testing, the company realized an engine up-time increase well beyond expectations that had been laid out for the project.


Results were measured on a 2010 new Caterpillar 3512, 2250 hp, Tier 2 engine.


Statistically significant improvements were realized across all four (4) EPA criteria pollutants, CO, CO2, THC, and PM. The charts below show a summary of Baseline verses new Benchmark emissions data for diesel treated with EnerBurn.*Used with permission from manufacturer.

Exhaust emissions measured in grams per horsepower-hour (g/hp-hr)

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