Less is more when it comes to Enerburn

Less is more when it comes to Enerburn

We regularly get amazing feedback from our valued customers. It’s wonderful to hear your positive comments on how EnerBurn has improved the performance of your engine and/or diesel particulate filter regeneration.

Often we receive great questions as well. One such question was regarding the amount of EnerBurn recommended after the initial phase of treatment.

Q: Can I use less EnerBurn after the first 1 – 3 months treatment at 1 ounce per 20 gallons?

A: Yes, we recommend that you reduce the dose to a “maintenance” treatment of 1 ounce per 24 – 25 gallons for long-term use.

For the initial “clean-out and conditioning” phase we recommend one (1) ounce of EnerBurn® for every 20 gallons of diesel). Once this phase is complete, REDUCE THE DOSE according to the chart below to maintain the benefits of EnerBurn at an even lower cost per treated gallon.

After 500 hours of treatment, reduce the dose by up to 20% per the following:

Gallons of Fuel Ounces of EnerBurn
24 – 25 1.0
48 – 50 2.0
68 – 75 3.0
84 – 88 3.5
96 – 100 4.0
108 – 113 4.5
120 – 125 5.0
132 – 138 5.5
144 – 150 6.0

For bulk tanks the treat ratio for long-term use is 1:3000.

If you have any questions about how others have found EnerBurn to work for them, feel free to browse our Trucker Testimonials.

It is because of customers like you that our business continues to grow and we appreciate it so much. Please feel free to reach out to us with any comments, questions, or concerns; we’re always happy to hear from you. Call 612-209-3079 or email us via our contact form.


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