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DPF Regeneration Relief with EnerBurn®

Let’s talk about the basics of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and managing regeneration issues. As most heavy-duty truck owners know, DPFs were mandated in all new diesel road engines beginning in 2008. DPFs typically remove 85 percent or more of “soot” particles from diesel exhaust. The DPF traps soot and

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Will the use of EnerBurn® void my manufacturer’s warranty on my engine?

Magnuson-Moss Act Prevents Manufacturers from Voiding Warranties Due to Use of Aftermarket Engine Additives We’ve gotten this question time and again, “will the use of EnerBurn® void my manufacturer’s warranty on my engine?” The short answer is, no. Consumers are sometimes told by their equipment suppliers, auto manufacturers, or truck

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Important Information for Users of EnerBurn

Did you know? There are two things that can clog up a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), one of them is “soot”, the other is “ash”.  There is an important difference between the two. Soot, also known as Particulate Matter (PM) is a form of incompletely combusted diesel and it contains

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