Diesel Guard Anti-Gel De-Icer – Case Of 12X, 1-Quart Bottles: $155.40



Diesel Guard™ Supreme Anti-gel Deicer contains VT330A™ cold flow improvers, a proprietary Heavy Wax Modifier (HWM) and wax crystal modifier. It is specially formulated to reduce the need for kerosene blending in extreme cold temperatures.

Formulated with “SMART” Deicer™, a non-alcohol proprietary deicer designed to lower the freeze point of entrained water in fuel tanks and lines to -50 deg F.  This keeps ice crystals from plugging the fuel filter to keep the vehicle running at sub-zero temperatures.


  • Helps prevent gelling and icing.
  • Significantly reduces the pour point and cold filter plug point (CFPP) of today’s diesel fuels and blends.
  • Contains a Heavy Wax Modifier (HWM) and anti wax-settling agent for better cold weather protection.
  • Reduces the freeze point of entrained water to as low as -50º F.
  • Reduces need for costly, BTU robbing No. 1 / Kerosene blending.
  • Contains a detergent additive to clean up Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID). Prevents sticky and fouled injectors and “asphaltene” deposits.
  • Documented to improve / restore fuel economy up to 7.3% based on cleanup of injector and fuel system deposits.
  • VT101™ improves lubricity. Prevents premature wear of fuel injectors and pumps. Reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs.
  • Contains a Cetane improver additive for easier starts, less smoke and reduced exhaust emissions.
  • Helps prevent rust and corrosion. Stabilizes fuel to reduce sludge formation.
  • Convenient and economical treat rate over competitive products. One quart treats 250 gallons.


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