Diesel Guard Anti-Gel De-Icer – case of 12X, 1-quart bottles: $155.40

 Helps prevent gelling and icing.
 Significantly reduces the pour point and cold filter plug point (CFPP) of today’s diesel fuels and blends.
 Contains a Heavy Wax Modifier (HWM) and anti wax-settling agent for better cold weather operability.
 Reduces the freeze point of entrained water to as low as -50º F. “SMART” Deicer™ technology treats saddle tanks helping to prevent fuel filter icing.
 Reduces need for costly, BTU robbing No. 1 / Kerosene blending.
 Cleans up Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) and external tip deposits. Prevents sticky and fouled injectors and “asphaltene” deposits.
 Documented to improve / restore fuel economy up to 7.3% based on cleanup of injector and fuel system deposits.
 Restores fuel filter and particulate trap filter life. Helps extend particulate trap regeneration intervals. Restores lost power and performance.
 VT101™ improves lubricity. Prevents premature wear of fuel injectors and pumps. Reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs.
 Contains cetane. Provides easier starting, less smoke and reduced exhaust emissions.
 Helps prevent rust and corrosion. Stabilizes fuel to reduce sludge formation.
 Convenient and economical treat rate over competitive products. One quart treats 250 gallons.


Diesel Guard™ Supreme Antigel Deicer Quarts contain VT330A™ cold flow improvers, a proprietary Heavy Wax Modifier (HWM) and wax crystal modifier synergist. It is specially formulated to improve the overall winter operability of today’s higher wax content, hard to treat fuels with or without mandated biodiesel blends. It significantly reduces the need to utilize kerosene blending.
“SMART” Deicer™ is a non-alcohol proprietary deicer designed to lower the freeze point of entrained water in saddle tanks and fuel lines. Our goal is to get the icing point of the entrained moisture in your fuel below the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP). This keeps ice crystals from plugging the fuel filter and helps keep the vehicle running at sub-zero temperatures. Diesel Guard™delivers more deicer than the competition.
Contains a new and unique detergent chemistry designed to remove and prevent the formation of Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) as well as external tip deposits. Fully formulated Diesel Guard™ Supreme Antigel Deicer Quarts contain additional cetane, VT101™ lubricity and other performance enhancing chemicals that help reduce down time, lower maintenance costs and provide better operation of equipment.

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