Diesel Guard D-Thaw – case of 12X, 1-quart bottles $119.40

 Emergency diesel fuel reliquifier.
 Safely de-ices frozen fuel tanks, lines and filters.
 Safely reliquifies gelled diesel fuel.
 Convenient one quart treatment.
 Add directly to frozen fuel filters to melt ice and wax to get your unit up and running quickly.
 Helps eliminate costly towing charges by carrying quarts onboard for emergency use.
 Can be used as a maintenance product to help keep diesel fuel “dry”.
 With continuous use, safely removes water, helps stop corrosion and eliminates environment for biological growth and contamination.
 Convenient and economical treat rate over competitive products. One quart treats up to 50 gallons.


Diesel Guard™ D-Thaw is specially formulated to be the most cost effective product to use in cold weather emergencies to get equipment running after it has been shut down due to iced or gelled fuel filters and lines. D-Thaw can be safely poured directly into the fuel filter to quickly melt ice and wax. The treated fuel filter can then be reconnected and the unit can be started. The balance of the quart should be added to the saddle tank to prevent further icing problems.
Carrying a couple bottles on board trucks will give immediate access to a corrective solution in an emergency shutdown, eliminating the need to call for towing assistance and being stranded in the cold. It is better to be prepared for emergency situations than helpless on the side of the road.
With continuous use, D-Thaw safely removes water and provides additional deicer for small storage tanks or truck saddle tanks. Use Diesel Guard™ Tank-Dri to remove larger amounts of water in fuel storage systems after the tank bottoms have been removed. This will help reduce down time, lower maintenance costs and provide better operation of equipment.

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