No more “hot exhaust gas lights” on Cummins….

No more “hot exhaust gas lights” on Cummins….

“I have been using Enerburn for 18 months.  The first 6 months was in a 2008 Peterbilt 389 with a Cummins, and the last 12 months in a 2012 KW T-660 with a Cummins. I began using Enerburn because of the constant Regen issues my truck was having. While I did get increased fuel economy, that was not the reason I started using Enerburn.

Within 7-10 days I no longer had the “hot exhaust gas light” come on every time I stopped, so I knew the truck was not wasting fuel with an active regen while I drove. After an additional 6-8 weeks using Enerburn the power, fuel economy, and performance of my truck was better than brand new!

I have not had a parked regen in 8 months, and like many other drivers I get 1-1.5 MPG better than without Enerburn. I want to say that if Enerburn did nothing to improve my MPG that I would still use it because I can budget for bad fuel economy but I can’t budget for a tow bill and a visit to the dealer for a forced regen!

As an O/O I no longer worry about Regen issues.  I can drive like I don’t have a DPF and not worry about spending thousands of dollars on DPF related repairs.

Rusty Stender

Owner Operator

Long Haul Trucking

Albertville, MN


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