Fuel Economy Improvement

Fuel Economy Improvement

“I read about EnerBurn in Movin’ Out magazine and decided to give it a try in my 2016 Peterbilt 579 with a Paccar motor.  The “before” fuel economy from the ECM  read-out was 6.3 MPG at 44,100 miles.  After the first month (approx. 4,000 miles) using EnerBurn the MPG increased to 6.4.  After 3 months of using EnerBurn my ECM reading is now 6.7 mpg at 78,800 miles, an increase of 6%.  So far I have not experienced any DPF/DEF issues.  I am pleased with my results and will continue to use EnerBurn.”

Karl “Pete” Peters, KMFP Trucking

Battle Lake, MN

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