Hello anyone with an RV using diesel

Hello anyone with an RV using diesel

I have been using the Enerburn product for about a year now. Even though I don’t run the RV as many miles as a typical trucker, it didn’t take long to realize that the product lived up to it’s name. In checking my mileage on a trip from Minnesota to Florida and back I found that on average I was getting somewhere between 1 to 2 miles per gallon better than before using Enerburn. This in itself was a good reason to use it. However what made it worth my using was the handy container it came in. Generally when driving my RV I’m not in the mood for getting my hands dirty. Also, unlike the larger tanks on trucks, I only hold about 20 gallons. The bottle it comes in makes it very convenient to dispense. Simply squeeze the bottle to put the desired quantity in the reservoir, open the cap, and pour it in. It was so clean that I was able to keep the bottle in the door pocket for convenient access in filling up. No mess, no smell, just works!

Tom Youngquist

RV owner

St. Paul, MN

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