I use less DEF with EnerBurn…

I use less DEF with EnerBurn…

“Before using EnerBurn my SCR system was consuming ~ 15 gallons of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) per week at a cost of ~$45.  My DEF consumption has now dropped to 10 gallons per week for the same miles and type of driving.  I drive ~3200 miles per week, current mileage is 232,000; started using EnerBurn in April 2017 at 173,000 miles.  So far I have not experienced any problems with my 2015 DD 13.  I use EnerBurn to keep the after-exhaust treatment system and engine clean.  I am also getting better fuel economy; when I started using EnerBurn the lifetime fuel mileage on my truck was 7.18, as of right now it is up to 7.3.”

Adrian Witteman

Owner Operator

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