Until EnerBurn I had tried everything…

Until EnerBurn I had tried everything…

I purchased my 2012 IH Prostar with a MF-13 engine at 300,000 miles in June 2015. The DPF was constantly calling for a parked regeneration.  At 350,000 miles I had the DPF cleaned and the back-pressure sensors replaced in hopes of improving the DPF regen performance.  I had to use personal savings to pay for these costly repairs. Four months later I was having to manually regenerate the DPF every 300 – 350 miles.  I tried another Brand Name fuel additive product and it did not help much.  Then I found out about EnerBurn and was very interested to also try it.  After I started treating my fuel with EnerBurn at the recommended dose I went ~950 miles before the next regen was indicated by the dash board light.  Now I am at 3,450 miles and counting.

I pick-up and deliver loads to the Port of Baltimore and my runs range from short-haul to long-haul; if I don’t cover 250 to 300 miles per day, I cannot turn enough loads to make money, so not having to stop to do any manual or parked regens means a lot for my business.  I am now making enough to pay myself back for the DPF repairs and still have something leftover.

Thank you, Jane at JKG Fuel Solutions, for helping me with EnerBurn.

Hakan Aslan, owner operator

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