Fuel Borne Catalyst Testimonials

Good news from the SS Legacy

April 2017

“We have switched to Better Diesel FBC for the last summer cruise season in Alaska. The SS Legacy is equipped with twin Caterpillar 3512A engines.  We are still very pleased with the fuel economy from both engines. The Cat engines run smoother and at lower decibels, the engine oil is clean, the crank case is clean. There is no visible soot from the stack, only the “heat signature” – this aspect is very important to us as an environmentally conscious adventure cruise line.”

Jack Hreha, Ship Captain
UnCruise Adventures

Seattle, Washington

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Less Downtime for fleet of Cummins ISX tanker trucks

November 2017

“We have been using the product for over one year to treat diesel for our entire fleet of 2012 and newer Cummins ISX engines that haul bulk liquid tankers.  Our trucks were experiencing excessive down-time caused by soot build-up on internal engine components. Downtime has been reduced. In our own evaluation we measured an increase in both fuel economy and DPF regen interval (fewer regen operations).  These improvements in engine performance more than offset the cost of the additive but the real savings is in reduced down-time and maintenance expense.”

Jody Kuper, Director of Fleet Operations

Valley Queen Cheese, Milbank, S.D.

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I now get immediate throttle response…

December 2017

“I’m nearly done with my 8X, 16oz bottles and the truck has been running great! It’s like an engine sans DPF with a fresh fuel filter- immediate throttle response, excellent power, and smooth, quiet operation, even under high load. I own a 2013 Cummins ISX CM2350. Thanks again for your work in support of diesel owners.”

Bruce Luke, Precision Transport

Hartsfield, GA

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Use of Better Diesel FBC pays me

November 2018

My name is Robert Harvie. I am an owner operator with a Cummins ISX 871 15 equipped 2009 International Prostar. My truck has 600,000 miles. I have a very good running truck and do not have any of the problems associated with the dpf and emissions that others have. I did when I first bought the truck but replaced many things and have not idled the truck except for the pre-trip warm-up. I drive from Spokane WA generally to the Southeast hauling lumber and building products. I am a true 48 state flatbedder. I drive typically under 62 mph and try to maintain the truck at 10 lbs of boost as much as possible. When I got the truck at 485,000 miles it ECM logged lifetime fuel mileage was 5.8 mpg. Pretty bad. Since I have operated it I have an average of 6.3 mpg. And then I ordered your product a month ago. After about 7000 miles with your product my average is now 6.7 mpg. There really aren’t any other variables that changed other than adding your product. It pays for itself after the first 0.15 of a gallon (19 ounces) so technically I am profiting from your product. Just wanted to say thanks and I will be using your product every fill up from now on.

Robert Harvie, Harvie Trucking

Spokane, WA

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Better Diesel FBC – I’m sold!

“I’m experiencing a smoother running truck and better fuel mileage over the past three weeks since I started using your product. I’m sold!

Charles Moore, Ashmar Enterprises LLC

Woodstock, GA

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Regens less often

“Been using Better Diesel FBC with every fill up for the past couple months and so far so good. Seems to be regening less often. Excited to keep using it and getting good results.”

Brandon Henderson, BMH Transport LLC

Mingo Junction, OH

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Super Product

“Just a short letter to express my satisfaction with the Better Diesel FBC product.

A week ago I had my dpf filters removed and cleaned from my Kenworth Truck.  I used the previous product [EnerBurn] 2 years ago but stopped because of no particular reason.  About 8 weeks ago I purchased the new, updated product Better Diesel FBC and started using it as specified.  After 6 weeks of using the product I had the filters baked.  The company that did this asked me how many miles I had used the filters for without baking them.  I informed the company that I had never had the filters cleaned since buying the truck and that I had 370,000 miles on the truck.  With around 13,900 hours of operating time.   They were pretty shocked by this high number since they said the filters were white in color with some red dust inside after baking.   I have now decided that at I will no matter what use this product in my truck.  Super Product”

Scott Surgeoner, Pinto Transport

Palm City, FL

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This product is amazing…

November 2018

“A couple months ago I was starting to have Regen issues on a 2008 Volvo. It was wanting to Regen every other day. A friend told me about the Better Diesel FBC additive. I did some research on it and decided to try it. Within two weeks of using FBC I was down to regening once a week. And noticed my engine was running smoother and fuel mileage was coming up. This product is amazing and would recommend it to anyone. “

Derek Johnson, Derek Johnson Transport LLC

Detroit Lakes, MN

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Our clogged DPF & EGR issues have gone away

November 2018

“We had problems with both the EGR and DPF. After cleaning the DPF and replacing the EGR and using Better Diesel FBC our clogged DPF & EGR issues have gone away. We will not buy a gallon of diesel with out adding Better Diesel. It is a game changer.”

Owner operator

Green Bay, WI

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Individual results for improved fuel economy with the proper use of Better Diesel FBC will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on variations in uncontrollable factors that contribute to the use of more or less fuel. Variables known to influence fuel economy include road speed, wind, external temperature, road grade, seasonal variations in fuel, fuel type, trailer weight, engine gear ratios, and driving style.

Please see “Test Summaries” page on this website for results of fuel consumption improvements measured under controlled and independently verified conditions of engine rpm and load.

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