Will the use of EnerBurn® void my manufacturer’s warranty on my engine?

Will the use of EnerBurn® void my manufacturer’s warranty on my engine?

Magnuson-Moss Act Prevents Manufacturers from Voiding Warranties Due to Use of Aftermarket Engine Additives

We’ve gotten this question time and again, “will the use of EnerBurn® void my manufacturer’s warranty on my engine?”

The short answer is, no.

Consumers are sometimes told by their equipment suppliers, auto manufacturers, or truck manufacturers, that the use of any additives in their equipment will void the warranty. However, this just isn’t true.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prohibits engine manufacturers from voiding equipment warranties due to the use of an aftermarket engine additive or supplement. Under the act, a manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of filter, oil additive, or catalyst unless they provide the item free of charge under the terms of the warranty. Further, an engine manufacturer must prove that any additive used by the consumer caused the malfunction for which a claim is being filed before a warranty can be voided.

Engine repair shops have little incentive to learn and properly advise customers of their rights when it comes to use of fuel additives. This can limit an engine owner’s options for minimizing shop repairs and effectively managing engine maintenance.

If you own newer equipment that is still covered under the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEMs) warranty or have purchased an extended warranty or addition coverage on your engine, and are experiencing Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration issues, EnerBurn is a simple, cost-effective solution recommended by OEMs. Independent tests prove soot production in the combustion chamber is reduced by 60 percent or more. Your DPF will run better and last longer without any regeneration problems.

EnerTeck, manufacturer of EnerBurn, is so confident in the product that we maintain a $2 million liability policy for damage caused to an engine by EnerBurn (per incident). To date, Enerburn has never received a claim where a consumer has experienced negative impacts from its use.

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