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Better Diesel FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) fuel treatment prevents common problems related to DPF regeneration and minimizes maintenance costs related to Emissions After-Exhaust Treatment Systems (DEF, DPF, DOC, EGR, EGR-cooler, sensors, and turbo-charger). Regular use of Better Diesel FBC will result in more efficient operation and thus extend the life of all makes and models of diesel engines. Better Diesel FBC is lab tested and field proven to increase fuel economy on average by 10%.

Better Diesel FBC, Inc – your expert resource for fuel additive solutions to DPF regeneration problems.

Better Diesel FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) contains a rigorously tested and field proven fuel borne catalyst ingredient that improves the thermal efficiency of any engine. Our customers enjoy more power, higher MPG, smoother, quieter engine operation, and fewer active regens. Better Diesel FBC is extremely effective in dramatically lowering “engine-out” diesel particulate emissions (PM), a primary benefit that is essential to extending engine lifetime and minimizing maintenance costs.

The FBC lowers the ignition temperature of soot and engine carbon deposits to the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) normally obtained during ordinary highway speeds.  This catalytic effect of lowered soot burn-out temperature cleans the exhaust system and DPF “on the go” and significantly lowers the frequency of “parked” or “forced” DPF regen operations. This soot burn-out benefit reduces engine maintenance expense related to cleaning and repairing the emissions after-treatment system.

The proprietary FBC formula is supplemented with a “best-in-class” fuel injector cleaner that removes fuel injector coking deposits and prevent new deposits from forming. This is critical to maintaining factory-rated fuel economy by ensuring optimal fuel “atomization” and fuel injector spray patterns into the cylinder. The Fuel Borne Catalyst enhances fuel efficiency by another 3% – 10% (on average for uncontrolled conditions) above factory-rated performance.  Controlled engine testing resulted in 12% – 14% increased MPG on a 2016 Cummins ISX 550 hp engine.

The treat ratio for ULSD and biodiesel blends is 1:3,200 (1 ounce per 25 gallons of diesel) results in a very low cost per treated mile for Better Diesel FBC. The high ROI (Return on Investment) ensures you are getting the best value for your money.

  • Enhance Diesel Combustion Efficiency and Fuel Economy
  • Improve DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Regen Performance
  • Lower Utilization of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Increase engine up-time and minimize maintenance expense.

DPF Treatment Makes Sense.

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Better Combustion

Lower Emissions

  • 60%

    Lowers Soot & Smoke

  • 15%

    Reduces NOx Emissions

  • 25%

    Reduces Unburned Hydrocarbon Emissions

  • 50%

    Extends Engine Lifetime

Abrasive Wear Of Cylinder

Better Diesel FBC

FBC minimizes abrasive wear of cylinder liners and eliminates ring stiction

Fuel Injector Deposits

Better Diesel FBC

FBC prevents formation of fuel injector deposits and eliminates microbial-induced contamination of ULSD and bio-diesel blends.

Long Haul Transport Trucks

Better Diesel FBC

FBC is a complete engine preventive maintenance program “in a bottle” for Long-Haul Transport trucks.

Short Haul Transport Trucks

Better Diesel FBC

FBC provides more power for the same amount of fuel burned, improving productivity for Short-Haul Transport trucks.

Your Resident Diesel Expert: Jane K. Gates

With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and BS in Environmental Engineering, Jane, a Six Sigma-certified Engineer with certification for DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), holds a unique combination of chemical analysis and process engineering skills; giving her the expertise to help your diesel equipment operations. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jane is the founder of JKG Fuel Solutions and currently serves as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Better Diesel FBC, Inc.

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