Fuel Catalyst Treatment

the Fuel Additive Solution for DPF Regeneration Problems

Better Diesel FBC (Fuel Borne Catalyst) is the cure to common problems and high maintenance costs related to Emissions After-Treatment Systems (DPF, DOC, SCR, EGR, and exhaust sensors).

Regular use of Better Diesel FBC improves engine efficiency to extend the life of all makes and models of diesel engines.

Better Diesel FBC is lab tested and field proven to increase fuel economy on average by 10%. This translates to 60 - 70% less "engine-out" soot, a.k.a., PM (particulate matter), the root cause of most DPF regen problems.

  • Enhance Diesel Combustion Efficiency and Fuel Economy

  • Improve DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Regen Performance

  • Lower Utilization of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

  • Increase engine up-time and minimize maintenance expense.

Better Diesel FBC contains a rigorously tested and field proven fuel borne catalyst ingredient that improves the thermal efficiency of any engine. Our customers enjoy more power, higher MPG, smoother, quieter engine operation, and fewer active regens. Better Diesel FBC is extremely effective in dramatically lowering “engine-out” diesel particulate emissions (PM), a primary benefit that is essential to extending engine lifetime and minimizing maintenance costs.

The same catalytic effect that increases engine performance also works to remove carbon build-up and soot deposits from the engine and exhaust system - the key to lowering engine repair and maintenance expense.  On-going use of Better Diesel FBC keeps our customers where they want to be, out of the shop and on the road making money.

As a bonus, Better Diesel FBC is supplemented with a “best-in-class” fuel injector cleaner that removes fuel injector coking deposits and prevent new deposits from forming. This is critical to ensuring optimal fuel “atomization” and fuel injector spray patterns into the cylinder.

The proprietary formula used in Better Diesel FBC is registered on the EPA list of approved diesel fuel additives and is also CARB certified.

Independent tests verify that Better Diesel FBC enhances fuel combustion efficiency above factory rated performance.  Results from engine testing on a rolling dynamometer using EPA-certified methods resulted in 12% – 14% increased MPG on a 2016 Cummins ISX 550 hp engine.

The treat ratio for Better Diesel FBC is 1:3,200 (1 ounce per 25 gallons of diesel). This results in a very low cost of approximately 1 cent per mile for Better Diesel FBC.

For this small price the Return on Investment (ROI) works out to be as much as 3 cents per mile net savings on fuel cost plus another 5 cents per mile net savings on repair and maintenance expense.  This estimate is for 2007 and newer heavy duty Class 8 engines that already average 6.5-7.0 MPG.  This very attractive ROI ensures you are getting the best value for your money.

Customers can expect excellent results for improved engine performance on diesel engines of all classes, makes and models, including "pre-emissions" engines and diesel pickup trucks.

DPF Treatment Makes Sense.

Better Combustion

Lower Emissions

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Better Diesel FBC

Better Diesel FBC

FBC minimizes abrasive wear of cylinder liners and eliminates ring stiction

Better Diesel FBC

Better Diesel FBC

FBC prevents formation of fuel injector deposits and eliminates microbial-induced contamination of ULSD and bio-diesel blends.

Better Diesel FBC

Better Diesel FBC

FBC is a complete engine preventive maintenance program “in a bottle” for Long-Haul Transport trucks.

Better Diesel FBC

Better Diesel FBC

FBC provides more power for the same amount of fuel burned, improving productivity for Short-Haul Transport trucks.

I now get immediate throttle response…

December 2017

“I’m nearly done with my initial 1-gallon of FBC and the truck has been running great! It’s like an engine with out the DPF!  I get immediate throttle response, excellent power, and smooth, quiet operation, even under high load. I own a 2013 Cummins ISX CM2350. Thanks again for your work in support of diesel owners.”


Bruce Luke, Precision Transport

Hartsfield, GA

2009 Cummins ISX 15 fuel savings pays me

November 2018

I am an owner operator with a Cummins ISX 15 equipped 2009 International Prostar with over 600,000 miles. My route is from Spokane WA generally to the Southeast hauling lumber. I am a true 48 state flat-bedder who drives under 62 mph and maintains the truck at 10 lbs of boost as much as possible for fuel economy.  After about 7000 miles with Better Diesel FBC my average went from 6.3 mpg to 6.7 mpg. There really aren’t any other variables that changed other than adding your product to the diesel. The product more than pays for itself in the fuel that I now save in my 2009 Cummins ISX, so technically, I am profiting from your product. Just wanted to say thanks and I will be using Better Diesel FBC every fill up from now on.


Robert Harvie, Harvie Trucking

Spokane, WA

Regen less often with DPF treatment

“Been using Better Diesel FBC with every fill up for the past couple months and so far so good. Seems to regen less often. Excited to keep using it and getting good results.”


Brandon Henderson, BMH Transport LLC

Mingo Junction, OH

Super product for dpf filter cleaning

“Just a short letter to express my satisfaction with the Better Diesel FBC product. About 8 weeks ago I purchased Better Diesel FBC and started using it as specified. I then did a dpf filter cleaning for the first time at 370,000 miles.  The company that did the dpf cleaning were pretty shocked by this high number since they said the filters were white in color with some red dust inside after baking.   I have now decided that at I will no matter what use this product in my truck.  Super Product”

Scott Surgeoner, Pinto Transport

Palm City, FL

This dpf additive product is amazing…

November 2018

“A couple months ago I was starting to have regen issues on a 2008 Volvo. It was wanting to regen every other day. A friend told me about the Better Diesel FBC dpf additive. I did some research on it and decided to try it. Within two weeks of using FBC I was down to regening once a week. And noticed my engine was running smoother and fuel mileage was coming up. This product is amazing and would recommend it to anyone. “


Derek Johnson, Derek Johnson Transport LLC

Detroit Lakes, MN

2019 Volvo A60 regen frequency comparison

December 2018

I purchased a new 2019 Volvo A60 motor “Globetrotter” and was very interested in how to keep my new engine clean. Then I saw ads for Better Diesel FBC  and started using the product.  I am now at 51,800 miles and am extremely pleased with how the product works in keeping my DPF regen frequency to once every 2 to 3 days.  This month during unseasonably cold weather I skipped adding Better Diesel FBC for two tanks in a row.  My regen frequency degraded to once every 6 hours during that time.  On the third refueling I added Better Diesel FBC and proceeded to idle for 11 hours overnight in extreme cold without a regen.

The “DPF soot gauge” on my Volvo is still showing “no ash accumulation”.  My engine runs smoother and quieter and I get much better fuel economy with Better Diesel FBC.  What a difference this product makes. Thank you.


Mark Banden, owner operator

Savage, MN

“Profitable year thanks to Better Diesel FBC…”

December 2018

“I’ve had a very profitable year in 2018 by staying out of the shop for engine repairs. My C15 Cat engine is now at 1.1 million miles and consistently gets 7.3 – 7.7 MPG, usually hauling heavy.  Still driving on original injectors. I change the engine oil every 15K miles.  The oil analysis reports have actually improved (lower levels of wear metals and soot) since using Better Diesel FBC in combination with a supplemental fuel lubricant additive.  Oil analysis tech told me to keep doing whatever I was doing…“


Michael Horn, Owner operator

Bloomington, IL

DD15 has smooth, strong acceleration…

January 2019

My Freightliner DD15 505 hp got a new DPF at 550K miles. I started using Better Diesel FBC to keep them clean and it is working.  Here I am 60,000 miles later and have no problems with DPF clogging. Plus my engine runs quieter and has less vibration.  I enjoy the smooth, strong acceleration I now get with use of FBC. I drive mostly long haul and my fuel economy is between 7.0 and 7.5 MPG.

Without DPF problems for 220,000 miles

January 2019

I use Better Diesel FBC in my new 2017 Peterbilt 525 hp Cummins engine and run without DPF problems.  I started using the fuel catalyst when the engine was just broken in good at around 5,000 miles. By the time I got to 14,000 miles I saw improvements in performance like the hot exhaust light was staying off (fewer regens), I was using less DEF, and my MPG was creeping up. The engine is now at 226,000 miles without any DPF problems.  Active regens are infrequent and I can tell that the DPF system is staying clean because I am using the fuel catalyst. I am a believer in preventive maintenance and using the best available products in my equipment.  Better Diesel FBC is a fantastic product – I highly recommend it.


Todd Jenkins, Owner-operator

It works…

January 2019

My 2012 Kenworth Cummins ISX was billowing so much white smoke that a friend told me it looked like a train! The engine has 636,000 miles and I have been using Better Diesel FBC for the last 60,000 miles. No more smoke. No more stops for manual regens. The DPF now handles the soot with active regens while I drive. Better Diesel FBC – it works.

Carlos Andrade, owner operator

Pasadena, CA

Caterpillar marine engine application…the SS Legacy

January 2019

“The twin Caterpillar 3512A engines on the SS Legacy get much better fuel economy with Better Diesel FBC.  We also appreciate that the engines run noticeably smoother and at lower decibels.  The fuel additive was implemented in April 2016 and since then, the engine oil and crank case stay nice and clean. Overall, the FBC improves engine performance above what could be achieved through our a regular maintenance schedule. We run the FBC as a diesel additive because it improves both engine power and eliminates visible soot from the stack. This latter aspect is very important to us as an environmentally conscious adventure cruise line.”


Jack Hreha, Marine Engine Mechanical Engineer, SS Legacy
UnCruise Adventures

Seattle, Washington

Year over year MPG comparison…

February 2019

“Year over year MPG Comparison…

This winter for 8 weeks since Dec. 26, 2018 I logged 24, 561 miles and used 3,578 gallons of ULSD treated with 1.17 gallons of Better Diesel FBC for a calculated MPG of 6.86 MPG.  This is 11% higher than for the same period last winter without the additive: 25,294 miles and 4,100 gallons of ULSD consumed for a calculated average of 6.17 MPG.  My DPF after-exhaust treatment system is running flawlessly in extreme cold temperatures with Better Diesel FBC. The last time the DPF was cleaned was more than 200K miles back. I will recommend this product to other owner operators with Halvor Van Lines. I drive a 2016 Kenworth with a Paccar MX 15 engine currently at 400,440 miles.”


Dan DeRam, owner operator

Halvor Van Lines, Superior, WI

Zero $ spent on DPF/DEF repairs in 2018…

February 2019

My 2010 Volvo was in the shop numerous times in 2017 for DPF clean-outs and EGR/DPF/DEF systems repairs with total combined loss of $20,000 in profits for that year. I started using Better Diesel FBC in January 2018 after another truck owner operator told me about it. My DPF parked regen frequency went from every other day to once every 4-5 days, saving me time and aggravation.  My fuel economy increased from mid-5’s  to 6.1 – 6.2 MPG hauling heavy, saving me money on my fuel expense.  Best of all I have stayed out of the shop for engine repairs for the last 14 months.  My cost for the year’s supply of Better Diesel FBC was $1,280 – what a deal! Thank you.


Glenn Womack, owner operator

Allentown, PA

Better Diesel FBC lives up to its claims…

March 2019

“Better Diesel FBC fuel additive product lives up to its claims. I am an owner operator with a 2018 Volvo D13 engine and have used the diesel fuel additive since day one with this truck.   The engine is now at 140,000 miles now and the dashboard readouts for DPF carbon and ash level indicators are not going up. The “no regen needed” status is unchanged since new. I am very pleased that the DPF is staying clean because of this product.”


Steven D. Neuenschwander, owner operator

Apple Creek, OH

I love this product, my wife loves it even more…

March 2019

“I am an independent owner operator and have been running the last 2-3 months using Better Diesel FBC in my 2014 Cummins ISX 550 hp engine. My baseline fuel mileage has gone from 7.0 – 7.5 MPG to 8.3 – 8.5 MPG in winter. I can feel the difference in my engine. No more check engine lights, no more down time for regens.  With the lower fuel expense my wife loves this product even more than I do.”



Jose Soto,

Owner, Tiger Transport, Inc

MaxForce MF13 runs like a champ with FBC

May 2019

“My 2016 IH Prostar with a MaxForce MF13 engine runs like a champ with the FBC fuel catalyst. I purchased this truck at 228,000 miles and started using Better Diesel FBC on day one.  Now the MaxForce MF13 engine is at 290,000 miles.  Because of this dpf treatment product I am staying out of the shop for exhaust emissions problems and loving it. Plus I get outstanding engine performance and so the product pays for itself. Not long ago I noticed I was losing power on a hill then realized I had not treated the last tank of fuel.  I added the fuel catalyst and the power came right back.”


Christopher Persen, owner operator – Banick Enterprises

Ford F350 XLT, 4wd, 6.7L Powerstroke

June 2019

I have a 2015 Ford F350 XLT, 4wd, 6.7 Powerstroke Cab & Chassis work truck with a large Knapheide KUVCC utility body for HVAC/R service.  The truck was getting very poor fuel mileage and my DPF would regen every 2-3 days.  I tried MANY different additives that were popular products on the Ford Powerstroke Forum.  Absolutely none of the products that I tried has any impact on my trucks regeneration or mileage.

I got (4x) 16-oz bottles of Better Diesel Fuel Borne Catalyst.  After about a week or two of use I noticed my DPF regenerations had only occurred 2, maybe 3 times, in the 4 times I fueled up!  I also noticed the truck wasn’t running as rough when the DPF was getting full like it did previously.  My fuel mileage has also increased slightly.  In no way did I alter my “lead foot” driving habits.  This Fuel Borne Catalyst works way better than I could have imagined and I plan on using it exclusively along with a fuel lubricity additive as suggested by Jane.  The (4) bottles I bought have lasted 7 months.

I am a true believe in this product and will continue to use it in my vehicle and our other diesel service trucks.  I am not a paid spokesman, just a customer.  I like to let others know of my experience because it could possibly help them.  Especially those who run diesel in service trucks.


Patrick Muscente, THE ICE-MAN, INC., SINCE 1984

Paccar MX13 emissions codes no more!

September 2019

Thank you for bringing this fuel catalyst additive to market. I’ve tried all kinds of other additives to help with my Paccar MX13 emissions codes.  The ECM was throwing codes for the DPF and SCR and I was getting heavy soot from the stack.  The automatic regens were not enough to keep me out of trouble.  Then I stumbled upon Better Diesel FBC.  I am so glad that I did. In the 6 weeks I have used the FBC my 2013 Paccar MX13 engine has gained 1 MPG and has much more power. The engine idles much quieter and smoother. I have more responsiveness off the throttle and smoother shifting between gears.  Before the FBC fuel treatment I took off the stack and power washed off the soot.  The exhaust stack is now staying clean. The ECM called for just 1 regen in last 16,000 miles and over 2,200 gallons of fuel catalyst treatment. The Paccar MX13 emissions codes have gone away. It drives like a different truck.


Marshall Rogers, owner operator

Better Diesel FBC working well for my 2015 Ford F350

February 2020

I first started using the fuel borne catalyst treatment in my 2015 Ford F350 in December, 2017. At that time it was around 46,000 miles and I was looking for a way to improve the regen performance.  Now the truck is at 122,000 miles. The results are in and it’s all good news. My scan gauge readouts indicate that DPF soot loads stay consistently low, ~1.5 g/L with use of Better Diesel FBC.  This is compared to 3-4 g/L before I started treating the diesel fuel with the FBC. Also, I had a chance to inspect the intake throttle body, which typically cokes up, and it was clean as a whistle.  I take this as an indicator that the entire engine and exhaust system are staying clean.  Best of all is no problems with the engine or exhaust system now going on 3 years with steady driving.


Randall Dalley, 2015 Ford F350 owner

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Individual results for improved fuel economy with the proper use of Better Diesel FBC will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on variations in uncontrollable factors that contribute to the use of more or less fuel. Variables known to influence fuel economy include road speed, wind, external temperature, road grade, seasonal variations in fuel, fuel type, trailer weight, engine gear ratios, and driving style.

Please see the “News” page on this website for results of fuel consumption improvements measured under controlled and independently verified conditions of engine rpm and load.

2015 Ford F350 Super Duty

August 2020

2015 Ford F350 Super Duty. Came across this product by chance. Read the reviews. Like what the man said about his Ford XLT Super Duty. I bought many additives over time, some good some bogus. This stuff is excellent. More get up and go. Way less regen’s, plus 3-5 miles more to the gal. Pull trailers every day. Thanks Better Diesel. Will be sure to keep getting your product.

Rick McEvoy

Corner Acres Farm Transport
Quarryville, PA

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