• Heavy Duty Road Transport Vehicles
  • Non-Road Vocational Vehicles
  • Power Gen-set Engines
  • "Pre-emissions” Engines
  • Exhaust After-Treatment Systems (EATS) Engines
  • 2-cycle and 4-cycle Diesel Engines
  • Short Haul and Delivery Service Vehicles
  • Refuse Collection
  • Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Power-line Service Vehicles
  • School Buses
  • Road Construction Contractors
  • Excavating and Site Preparation Contractors
  • Marine Transport and Tourism
  • Marine Dredging Operations
  • Soot and Smoke Abatement
  • Fleet Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • DPF and Exhaust After-Treatment Systems (EATS) Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • “Clean Diesel” and Fuel Efficiency Programs
  • Fleet Cost Containment Programs
  • Cost-effective Alternative to "DPF delete" Options

EnerBurn is a trusted, cost-effective solution for dramatically improved DPF Regeneration performance. We now offer a "no cost" Fleet Testing Program to help demonstrate the ROI for EnerBurn for fleet managers and fleet owners.

JKG Fuel Solutions A National Distributor For EnerBurn ®

Jane K. Gates is a diesel energy efficiency technology expert and the founder of JKG Fuel Solutions. Jane works with both private industries and public entities that rely on diesel fuel as an integral part of their operations. Jane’s expertise includes how to apply a safe and effective fuel-borne liquid catalyst, EnerBurn®, to improve profitability through enhanced diesel combustion efficiency and reduced diesel engine repair and maintenance costs.

Jane especially enjoys promoting the multiple benefits of EnerBurn to independently-owned and operated truck transport companies. She provides up-front education on the proven advantages of EnerBurn and takes time to follow up with each client for “after-the-sale” service and support.

  • Enhance Diesel Combustion Efficiency
  • Improve DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Regen Performance
  • Lower Utilization of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Reduce Diesel Fuel Consumption.

Would you like to know more about EnerBurn?®

Better Thermal Efficiency with EnerBurn

Better Thermal Efficiency Graph

Lower NOx Emissions with EnerBurn

Lower NOx Emissions Graph
  • 60%

    Lowers Soot & Smoke

  • 15%

    Reduces NOx Emissions

  • 25%

    Reduces Unburned Hydrocarbon Emissions

  • 50%

    Extends Engine Lifetime

Abrasive Wear Of Cylinder

JKG Fuel Solutions

EnerBurn® minimizes abrasive wear of cylinder liners and eliminates ring stiction

Fuel Injector Deposits

JKG Fuel Solutions

EnerBurn® prevents formation of fuel injector deposits and eliminates microbial-induced contamination of ULSD and bio-diesel blends.

Long Haul Transport Trucks

JKG Fuel Solutions

EnerBurn® is a complete engine preventive maintenance program “in a bottle” for Long-Haul Transport trucks.

Short Haul Transport Trucks

JKG Fuel Solutions

EnerBurn® provides more power for the same amount of fuel burned, improving productivity for Short-Haul Transport trucks.

Your Resident Diesel Expert: Jane K. Gates

With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and BS in Environmental Engineering, Jane, a Six Sigma-certified Engineer with certification for DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), holds a unique combination of chemical analysis and process engineering skills; giving her the expertise to help your diesel equipment operations. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jane is an active member of the Transportation Club.

Having DPF Regen Problems? Contact Jane