Better Diesel FBC – 1 Gallon Pail: $220.00 each

Better Diesel FBC is a proprietary liquid Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) additive for diesel fuel that directly improves combustion and engine efficiency. The FBC ingredient enhances fuel combustion dynamics during the power stroke of the piston to increase fuel economy above factory rated performance and cleans soot out of the DPF and exhaust system “on the go”. Enjoy more power, smoother, quieter engine operation, fewer active regens, and dramatically lowered soot emissions. The same combustion catalyst cleans the exhaust system and DPF by burning off soot at a much lower exhaust gas temperature.

Better Diesel FBC includes additional protection for the fuel injectors and is better suited for today’s diesel fuels and high performance diesel engines. Better Diesel FBC cleans and prevents build up of fuel injector nozzle coking deposits. Better Diesel FBC also cleans and prevents build up of internal injector deposits (IID’s). This tested and proven combination of ingredients maintains optimal fuel injection spray patterns for maximum attainable fuel economy. These fuel additive essentials are now combined in the same product, Better Diesel FBC. One (1) gallon treats 3200 gallons of diesel.



Brand : Better Diesel FBC
This gallon pail treats 3,200 gallons of diesel.

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